Hello Florina,

I have received the messages you have tried to post to the
"Re: ALL/INT/E,M Me and my pet" project on <iearn.kidscan>.
Apparently, someone forgot to post the main project topic
on the conference, so all your "responses" had no where to
go. ;-(
I have now posted the project topic and I have posted the
four stories from students in your school.
I'm sorry for this oversight.


Edwin H. Gragert, Ph.D.
International Education and Resource Network
475 Riverside Drive, #540
New York, NY 10115

Youth Making a Difference with Telecommunications

Global Friends,

Third and fourth grade students in PS 123 in New York City would like to share with you around the world some stories of their pets.


Friends around the world,

Here are some more stories about “Me and My Pet” from students at Mahalia Jackson PS School  #123 in Harlem in New York City.

Ed Gragert

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