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The project's presentation

The I*EARN "Me and my pet" project started in 1998. My students, who love to tell storie about their pets, gave me this ideea. At the beginning I planed it like an one year project, but after three years it is still considered interesting by the "pets lovers".
This web site presents the wonderful "pet-stories" sent by children from all over the world in the last two school years. I hope, that you, the visitors of this site, will enjoy to read them and if you find them interesting join us at ! The project is still continuing!:)

Have fun!

Florina Serbu-history teacher
"Me and my pet" project coordinator

1) Name of Project: Me and my pet

2) Brief one-sentence description of project: Students will write about their pets. If possible they will send photos or draws with their pets.

3) Full description of project:
Students can follow the next structure in their stories:
What kind of pet they have got? What's it's name? Why did they choose that pet? When did it come in their family? Is the communication with the pet possible? How? What does it eat? Who feeds it? What kind of food does it prefer? Where does it sleep? Does it like to play? Has it been sick? Write a happy and a sad event of it's life.

4) Age/level of project participants: 9-15 years

5) Timetable for the 1999-2000/2000-2001 school years:proposed ending date: June 1,2002

6) Expected outcomes/products: A web site "Me and my pet" (second part) and a newspaper.

7) Project contribution to others and the planet: To make the young generation to feel friendly with animals.

8) Project language(s): English, Romanian, French, German

9) Curriculum area: interdisciplinary

10) Name of facilitator(s):
Florina Serbu-history teacher, Eforie Nord School, Romania

11) Email of facilitator(s):

12) I*EARN forum/newsgroup where it will take place or is taking place: Me and My Pet (iearn.animals)

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