Me and my pet



Armed Forces Secondary Technical
Uaddara Barracks

My pets
There are many pets in the world with different characters and behaviour eg. cat, dog, parrot , rabbit and what have you ? I have been playing with pets as my companion and some were very good, others were quick tempered. Some of them too , I could not affort their diet.,
but among the lot, I have chosen the puppy dog as my favourite. I have named my puppy dog ëOnedayí but it is populary called blackey because of its deep black colour. ëOnedayí is six months old now and it is found chasing chickens and duckling playing with them but will not harm them. .It sometimes bark when it feels some strange scent or people. I and my pet play in different ways during my leisure hours. I sometimes call it and hold its tail then it will try to free by turning continuosly in a circular form. I will then hold another part say the ear. It will shake the head and jump as a horse. In addition, I sometimes hide myself and call its name. Then it will be searching for me seriously from any corner with its flat nose facing downward trying to scent me when it see me, it will be jumping, shaking and wagering the tail like a simple pendulum. It sometimes use its two cams teeth to hold the tip of my trousers..I will then carry it on my shoulders.. Moreover, I sometimes take a short run and it will chase me sriously like a mouse ,then I will suddenly stop and it will bypass me and start barking softly. Since there is nothing without demerit, I face many problems with this animals friendship,. , eg when it is sick it loses appetite and loose its temper easily.
As a result , it will grow lean and leaner until it survives. Secondly, since it is an animal, it cannot talk so I find it very tough for it to have absolutely controlled . Therefore making it difficult to comprehend each other sometimes. In addition, I find it very tough to feed it since it eats, grows and does anything like a human being. It also excrete anywhere that it feels comfortable thereby giving me a lot of problems. I wish everybody to come and witness how I play with my pet and how happy we are together . I therefore entreat anybody to own a pet because it gives you experience of animals..

Peter Ali Yandan
Armed Forces Secondary Technical
Uaddara Barracks
Kumasi- Ghana- West Africa


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