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Project Idea Template

Name of Project: Me and my pet
Age level of project participants: 9-15 years
Proposed starting date: January 10 1999
Proposed ending date: June 1 1999
Sample suggested/proposed activities:

Students will write letters about their pets:

What kind of pet they have got?
What's its name?
Why did they choose that pet?
When did it come into their family?
Can the student communicate with the pet? How?
What does it eat? Who from the family feeds the pet? What kind of food does it prefer?
Where does it sleep?
Is it possible to play with it? How?
Has it been sick? How did the student or his family help it?
Write a happy event of its life.
Which was the happiest moment of your friendship? Or the saddest one?

These are only some ideas. Any original "pet story" will be appreciated! Even about dreams and desires to have a pet!

Expected outcomes/products: The "Me and my pet" newspaper.
How will this project make a contribution to others and the planet?
Loving our pets help us to become better people and to love other people. Many children love their pets and it's a good theme for discussion and future friendship. By sharing their experiences with their pets, students can speak about themselves and their
problems. By discussing similar interests and problems, children
become closer to each other.
Language(s) of the project: Romanian, English, French, German

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